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Love conquers all

August 31, 2008

Just recently I was playing on Googlefight with the kids. It’s a site where you put two words in, and the one with the highest number of hits on Google wins. It’s hilarious fun, and they loved it. We started out with ‘bacon’ vs ‘brocolli’, then for each word that won, tried to find another word that would beat it. Fairly soon we got from foodstuffs to famous people. We jumped around between famous people and superheroes for a while, for example ‘batman’ beats ‘britney spears’, but ‘jesus’ beats ‘batman’. ‘Jesus’ is fairly hard to beat. The ‘devil’, at 158 million hits, can’t do it, and neither can ‘satan’.

‘God’ (598 million) is pretty much the only one that’ll beat ‘jesus’ (236 million). It’s quite hard to find a word that’ll beat ‘god’, but unsurprisingly ‘sex’ (767 million) will do it. ‘Money’, at just over 1 billion mentions, beats sex [when I did this with the kids I skipped over ‘sex’ to ‘money’, but came back and checked later]. By this time I was starting to get somewhat despondent about the fate of the human race.

The only word I could find that would beat ‘money’ though, was ‘love’. ‘Love’ is mentioned 2.39 billion times on the web. ‘Love’ beats ‘hate’, ‘sex’, ‘money’, ‘drugs’, and ‘god’. My faith in humanity has been restored. Love conquers all.