The ends of the earth

Today I’ve had an email from Hannah from Antartica, and a text from Pete from Zanzibar. I get emails and texts from people in other countries from time to time, but somehow this feels more amazing. Wherever my friends are, even at the far, remote reaches of the globe we are still connected.

I do believe we are all connected at a deeper spiritual level anyway and that is significant and important. This adds to it though, the ability to share people’s journeys no matter how intrepid they are. It represents the paradox of being human – we are always alone, and we are always connected. They have to climb their own mountains and walk their own ice and they are essentially alone while they do it. But others can be connected to them during the experience and share a small part of it, and maybe that sometimes makes their journey easier. And perhaps the ability through technology to be connected to people’s physical journeys gives us the context and courage to be more connected to their personal and spiritual journeys too.


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