Doing the work

Pete’s post has really got me thinking. Firstly this 95/5% of the work business. I agree completely that it seems like its a few people who do most of the work. I wonder though if what we perceive the ‘work’ to be might be influenced by who we are.

There are so many roles in Quakers. Clerking, being an Elder, Treasurer and other formal roles. Giving ministry. Organising camps and social events. Welcoming people to Meeting. Visiting elderly people, giving people rides to Meeting, being a caring ear, doing the tea roster, preparing the flowers for the coffee table. Some of these seem very visible, and some more behind the scenes.

Perhaps what we see as the ‘work’ is different depending on our personalities. So we see the people like us, doing what we think of as work, and don’t notice all the other people doing their kind of work.

Secondly, servant leadership. I really really believe in this. In Quakers we call the Clerk the servant of the Meeting. Leadership to me is an incredible act of service. It’s putting yourself on the line, taking personal risks for the sake of other people. You simply can’t lead without serving others. If you’re not serving, you’re dictating, and that’s just not leadership. To me leading means people follow out of their own free will.

I wonder what Myers-Briggs type George Fox was?


One Response to “Doing the work”

  1. pete Says:

    May we learn to see the unseen work done around and in us by other Friends. May we understand work in its wider context. May we motivate and encourage others in the fulfilment of their potential in their own ways, and at their own times, and may we always lead without commanding.

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