Flowers Creek

The night before JYF camp this year we stayed with the some friends at a place called Flowers Creek in Pakawau, in Golden Bay. I’d never been there before.

I know several people in the family, and am close to two of them, the mother and one of the daughters. Over time I’d built up a bit of a picture in my head of how their home might look, based on the few things they’d mentioned about what it was like. Without knowing it I’d kind of mapped out the rooms and pictured the gardens based on very limited information.

When I got there everything was exactly where I’d pictured it. The shape of the kitchen, the location of the bedrooms, the kinds of plants in the garden. And I mean exactly. Neither of the people had really described much about the place to me, and yet my picture of it was completely accurate. I’ve been trying to work out why.

It’s exactly the sort of house I’d imagine them living in. In a lot of ways it is very similar to the way my grandparents house in Kerikeri was when I was a child. Kind of rustic, honest, and very welcoming and natural feeling. So maybe my picture was accurate because I guessed well about the kind of house they’d have. That doesn’t explain knowing the location of the rooms though.

When I think about it, it doesn’t really matter how I knew. It wasn’t a spooky feeling. It felt just right, like everything was in the right place, and all was well with the universe. I felt totally at home, completely welcome. It’s the kind of house I’d like to have, but know I probably never will because I’m just too much like me to…

The family and the house for me embody connection with nature, simplicity, and love. I hope to visit there again soon.


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