I think I’ve forgotten how to be a slacker. I was very good at it when I was a student, actually much better than most. I cruised through my degree, majoring mostly in video games and socialising.  I slept in till lunchtime most days, went to a few lectures in the afternoon and slacked around with my flatmates in the evening.

Somehow though, somewhere along the way I’ve lost the knack.  Even when I’m resting I’m doing it on purpose.  My life is so full, there is so much to do, and it’s all so interesting and exciting. This is great, but I do have a tendency to take too much on, and then get exhausted.

I’ve said before, that people in my family seem to have two settings, fast and off. Thinking about it though, this isn’t always so much about speed, as intensity. When we do something we do it fully, we throw ourselves into it with complete commitment. Maybe when I was at University, I was just throwing myself into being a slacker. Maybe now I’m just doing it again, but it’s working and being involved in Quakers that I’m throwing myself into.

In a week we’re going to Golden Bay for JYF camp. The theme is “cheerfully doing more with less”. On the one hand this is very appealing, as simplicity is something that I have much to learn about. But the doing more part? I don’t need to be doing more. So maybe for me the camp can be about cheerfully doing less with less. Then perhaps I’ll remember how to be a slacker again.


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