Sky on fire

After the intense few weeks I’ve had I’ve been catching up on rest with a quiet week in the office. I’ve been getting up late (well, 7am, which is late for me), and generally feeling fairly cruisy and even like a bit of a slacker.

Sky on fireThis morning I got up at my normal time (just after 6am), and headed off to work not long after 7. I was rewarded by an incredible sunrise. With the shape of the clouds, the red of the light, and some grey wispy clouds like smoke it was like the sky was on fire.

For some reason this seemed to kick off my regular intense energy again. Maybe it’s because I’m so strongly pitta, that the association with fire triggered something. Or maybe I’ve just had enough rest and the beauty of the morning, the fiery sky and chill air, just made me feel more alive.

Whatever it was I don’t really care. I’m feeling again the joy, passion, and fire of life. Sometimes I’m incredulous at the rich blessing I have, and how much I love this life and this world. There is so much to do, and it feels like anything is possible.


One Response to “Sky on fire”

  1. Pete Says:

    Great photo. Was the sky really that red, or is it filtered? With passion, everything is possible.

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