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Having just recently taken, what was for me, quite a big step in becoming a member of the Religious Society of Friends, I was very amused to get this email today:

Subject: [Flickr] You’ve been invited to join Quakers

annadunford has invited you to be a member of Quakers.

To find out more about this group and to accept or decline this invitation, click here:

I got the email because Anna was inviting me to join up to a group on Flickr of people sharing photos of Quaker things. She didn’t know exactly what the automated invite email would say. And the Flickr site didn’t know that the combination of its email template, and the name someone had chosen for the photo sharing group would make for a very amusing email. It’s like Pete says, “push back at the machines, they don’t mind”.

I guess I found it amusing because the process of taking membership in Quakers was so completely opposite to this. There was no invitation, and certainly no ‘click here to accept’. There was no overt encouragement to consider membership, I had to come to it when I was ready. I’d gradually, slowly become more involved in Friends over the last four years. I’d had a sense I wanted to take membership, and had waited for more than a year for the still small voice to tell me when it was time. Then there was writing my letter of application, a visit by Friends, and consideration of my application at Monthly Meeting. While there was no ceremony, or new kind of shirt to wear, or any other external ‘badge’ or ritual, it was quite a spiritual/emotional process for me.

So while it sometimes seems like it would be nice if life were as simple as computers make it out to be, I like it the way it is.


4 Responses to “Click here to join”

  1. Frances Says:

    So if you’re now a member, does that mean we get to underline you in the book? And surely, if you’re underlined, that means you’re officially A Link….

  2. Julian Says:

    Now, I do like the idea of being a link. I wonder where it would take people if they click on me? That’s an interesting thought…

  3. Anna D Says:

    Christchurch… Wellington…. Christchurch…. Auckland…. Christchurch….. Wellington….

  4. Julian Says:

    Guess I asked for that one 🙂

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