Ice Shadows

During the first week of the school holidays we stayed in Dunedin with my sister. The nights were below zero outside, it routinely gets to minus 7 or 8 degrees there during the winter.

I had to wait till midday to go for a run each day, as the footpaths were covered in frosty ice. Even at midday where the shadows there was ice. The silouttes of cars, letter boxes, walls and bushes were perfectly formed in white frost on the pavement.

Sometimes when I was running I could avoid these icy patches. But in other places I couldn’t. I had to run through the shadows, and risk slipping on the ice.
It seems to me that there are there are places and times in our lives like this. Sometimes we can bring things into the light to heal them. And sometimes we have to walk in the shadows. But by walking through these cold shadows of ice we leave footprints for others to follow, and they are easier for us to cross the next time.


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