So, I’ve been told that lots of my ministry uses trees as a metaphor. I’ll post on why one day soon. For now, here’s another one.

Last weekend we met another branch of the family. My great grandfather’s first marriage had broken up, so after he remarried he had another son, who until now we had never met.

Myself, my sister, father and mother in law had lunch with Brian, his wife, daughter and grandson. From the minute we met them there was an instant connection. We talked non stop with each other for about four hours. It was fascinating to explore the similarities in our values and personality traits.

One of the reasons we connected so quickly was, I think because we have a lot in common. Brian just laughed and agreed wholeheartedly for example when I said that our family only has two speeds, fast and off.

The other reason we connected is perhaps because we intended to look for that which we had in common, that which we shared. We could have focused on that which was different, or on why the family had branched all those years ago, but we didn’t.

Given that 99.9% of human DNA is identical, given that we are all people, with hopes and desires, fear and failings, do we not all have lots in common? And if we looked for this when we met new people (or spent time with people we already knew), wouldn’t our chances of connecting be greater? Perhaps this is something like walking cheerfully over the earth looking for that of god in every person.

Even if it isn’t, this notion of expectant, faithful intention seems important. Seek and you shall find I guess. If we expect and intend to find something in common, we will.


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