Cold hands warm heart

We had our first really good solid frost in Christchurch this week.

I love the cold, and I love frosty mornings. While these sort of tempartures might send some people scurrying back off to the North Island, they make me feel alive. I think part of this is because I'm kind of naturally over heated. My ayurvedic prakruti is very dominanetly pitta, the 'fiery' kind of body/personality type. I can't really eat spicy food or take caffeine, they respectively make me sweat and burst into flames, and become fizzy and unfocused. When I'm off balance it manifests in frustration, and inflamation type ailments. Anything that cools me down seems to help. Being in nature, around water, and any kind of cold environment brings me back on balance.

What I also love about frosty mornings is that in Christchurch it means it's going to be a beautiful sunny day. That doesn't mean it'll be warm, but it does mean it won't be drizzly and dreary.

The funny things about my 'heated' mind/body composition is that I get really cold hands in the winter, and I don't anger easily. My Dad was very slow to anger too, it's interesting that the 'fieryness' doesn't lead to a predisposition for a flaring temper. I've always considered that a real blessing, that I can take time to think things through before responding. Not such a blessing is having to wear gloves all the time in winter, although I do quite like the way my black leather gloves look with my suit, and I love my merino wool and possum fur muppety gloves.

Ayurveda has taught me a lot about how to manage the unique mental and physical makeup I (and we all) have. With that, and the guidance of friends, I reckon I'm doing OK.


2 Responses to “Cold hands warm heart”

  1. Anna D Says:

    It’s not that I don’t like the cold and frosty mornings but that my body objects from being hauled out of one climate zone and dumped in another instead of the gradual change that you get if you are somewhere all the time. Having said that we’ve quickly gone from near freezing to glorious sunshine up here in Welly so that’s hardly gradual either! But anything is better than British east coast grey, wet and miserable days where it hardly gets light let alone warm, can’t say as I’m missing that in the slightest…

  2. Pensieve » Blog Archive » Sky on fire Says:

    […] For some reason this seemed to kick off my regular intense energy again. Maybe it’s because I’m so strongly pitta, that the association with fire triggered something. Or maybe I’ve just had enough rest and the beauty of the morning, the fiery sky and chill air, just made me feel more alive. […]

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