Run past fast

Wahoo, I did it. I ran my first half marathon. In 1:51. I didn’t really have any idea how long it would take me, I was more concerned about just finishing the race and hoping my legs would hold out. Dad helped me make a good plan though, sticking to 5 minute kilometers, and aiming for 1:45. So I just kept a slow and steady pace. I slipped back 3 or 4 minutes, but I wasn’t too bothered, as long as I was able to finish, and ideally come in under 2 hours.

At around 18k I was starting to feel really good, fairly certain that my legs would hold out. I sped up a bit, and started passing people. By 19k I was still feeling good, so I sped up a bit more. At 20k, with just 1k to go I thought I may as well go as fast as I could. It felt fantastic to be at the end of a race, at least 8k further than I’ve ever run, and to have the energy to go as fast as I could.

Seems like Dad was right. Taking it slow and steady, sticking to your plan, ignoring the hype of the crowd around you, running your race and no one elses…


One Response to “Run past fast”

  1. Pete Says:

    Congratulations on a race well run! My own favoured strategy, which involves going hard out and saving nothing for the return journey, would have sadly failed me after the first few hundred metres. I can understand the effort involved in pacing yourself. There’s always the urge to “give it all you’ve got” while you’ve got it. Usually if I have energy now, I use it now. Oddly enough, I used to run heaps a few years back and ended up doing my knee in, which proves it nicely. Enough said! Good on you for wisdom and endurance. 🙂

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