This morning I'm feeling in a blur.  The amount of travelling I've been doing recently I'm never quite certain when I first wake up what city I'm in. With the number and depth of conversations and spiritual/emotional journeying that come with and alongside this all, time does seem to have been compressed, like I've lived two years in five months.  I'd kind of like a rest…


3 Responses to “Blur”

  1. Anna D Says:

    Make the most of the next few days then, before the Wellington contingent starts to redress the balance and travels south…

  2. Julian Says:

    Trust me, I will. It’ll be fantastic to be with Wellington YFs in my home town for once.

  3. Frances Says:

    Looking forward to seeing the non-travelling Julian in his natural environment – I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in Christchurch!

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