Robot dogs and other people’s dinners

I've been running in the evening.  It gets dark about 6pm at the moment, and I'm often out till about 6:30pm.  The air is cold and the shadows merge together into night.  There are still some people out walking.  Twice in the last week I've seen a red light at about thigh height bouncing along in the dark.  It took me a while to figure out that it was a dog, out running with its owner.  The dog had a red blinking light on its collar, I guess to stop it being hit by cars in the dark.

As I run around the river, past people's houses I can smell different dinners cooking.  It makes me wonder about the lives lived in each of those homes.  It's funny how in the quiet of the evening I can feel more connected to people in my city than in the bustle of a busy street in town…


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