What do ducks know that I don’t?

I like to run. I run up mountains in the early morning in the Summer. I run through the trees in the botanic gardens in the Winter. I run up the stairs, and to meetings. I like going fast, getting places, exploring and achieving.

In the early mornings in the Summer I run around the river, and the ducks are on the bank, beaks tucked under their wings, sleeping. Some of them open one eye slowly, then close it as I pass. In the autumn it's too dark to run early in the morning so sometimes I run the evening. In early twilight, before it's even really started getting dark, the ducks on the bank are settling down to sleep. When they are awake during the day they just float on the water.

What do they know that I don't? How is that they seem so much more restful, so much more calm and at peace than I am? What would it be like if I could just float on the water for a day, or go to bed early and get up late? Or just stop running for a moment?

I guess that's why I like Quaker Meeting so much. I get to be a duck, floating gently on a slow moving river…


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