Le voce della sera

The last two days I’ve been running in the evenings. Last night it was beautifully calm and still. The blue sky was turning grey and orange as the sun set over the hill. As I was running I was entranced by the stillness of air and the trees. It felt peaceful and cool and complete. It reminded me of a novel I read at University called ‘Le voce della sera’,in English ‘The voice of the evening’. The evening seemed to have a presence, a oneness about it.
Tonight there was a blustery southerly coming in. It was a stark contrast to last night. Dark foreboding clouds were rising, and the wind whipped the trees. There was a power there, a conflict, a force of nature.

It got me thinking about why I value the stillness so much. Is god more there, than in the rushing storm? If god is ‘that which is’, is transcendent and completeness, then god must be just as much a part of the storm as a part of the still cool evening the night before. So why do I feel more connected to the stillness? Is it because I’m less distracted by my own need for physical safety? In the storm I’m wondering, will it rain, will a branch hit me. In the stillness am I just less distracted? Am I just more able to see ‘that which is’ when things around me are still? If it’s always there, why can’t I see it all the time? What would I have to do to be able to?

It seems it’s not really the world around me that’s turbulent, it’s my reaction to it that is tossing and turning. What do I need to do to find stillness in myself?


One Response to “Le voce della sera”

  1. Pete Says:

    I feel the wildness of a storm. I feel the power of a storm. The impact and energy released by the simple interactions in a partnership of heat and cold on a planet so far away from its source. Stillness refreshes me, and can invigourate me, but not in the same measure. The storm shows the power, and control comes a very distant second-place.

    For me, there are heaps of aspects of god, and the interaction of the spiritual with the physical. One aspect is that of achieving my highest potential in partnership with god. Stillness is the source, and the outworking requires the release of a lot more energy (with differing amounts of control). There are times when stillness within myself would not be the correct course of action. Times when the energy of inner disturbed-ness is a source of strength. I feel the strength born of turmoil as a gift from my partnership with the spirit, for the purpose of achieving a higher potential.

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